Kencity Media – the rightful, and only owners, of Oman 107.1 FM and Ashh 101.1 FM – wishes to inform the general public that on February 14th, 2019 our representative, Kenneth Agyapong, The General Manager of Kencity Media, visited ZenoRadio New York City offices to find out why ZenoRadio/ZenoMedia is claiming worldwide exclusive rights to Kencity Media radio stations – Oman 107.1 FM and Ashh 101.1 FM – and were met by Justin Diller.

Mr. Diller informed us that ZenoRadio/ZenoMedia had engaged Armstrong Essah, formerly a manager of Ashh 101.1 FM, to sign an agreement authorizing ZenoRadio/ZenoMedia to provide streaming services for Oman 107.1 FM and Ashh 101.1 FM. Mr. Diller also shared an agreement, signed on July 15th 2017, with us bearing the name of Kenneth Agyapong whom they claim was the Director of Operations with an e-signature and using the initials KA and countersigned by Justin Diller the VP of Finance for ZenoRadio.

This revelation was quite surprising since Kenneth Agyapong NEVER executed the purported agreement and does not have the title of “Director of Operations”. Mr. Kenneth Agyapong is the General Manager of Kencity Media Group. Furthermore, Stella Wilson, the CEO of Kencity Media, is the only person authorized to sign or allow anyone to sign agreements on behalf of our company and was never aware such an agreement existed with ZenoRadio. Within Kencity Media, the group CEO or General Manager are the only two individuals authorized to execute agreements on behalf of our brands which include Oman 107.1 FM and Ashh 101.1 FM.

Kencity Media advises ZenoRadio to Cease and desist from streaming Oman 107.1 FM and Ashh 101.1 FM content Stop informing 3rd party websites and mobile apps hosting our content that ZenoRadio/ZenoMedia has worldwide exclusive rights Discontinue from offering Oman 107.1 FM and Ashh 101.1 FM content on any ZenoRadio/ZenoMedia platforms.

Again, it is important to remind ZenoRadio/ZenoMedia that Kencity Media is the only worldwide copyrights holders of Oman 107.1 FM and Ashh 101.1 FM content.

Kencity Media expects ZenoRadio/ZenoMedia to respect our rights and failure to comply will result in Kencity Media pursuing Legal Action against ZenoRadio and its partners.#DropZeno #StopPiracy