The Founder and General Overseer of Makers House Chapel International, Prophet Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye, says Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is blessed with brains to serve his country, and Ghana is also blessed to have a brainy, visionary and a dedicated person in Dr. Bawumia serving the country at this very moment.

Addressing thousands of his congregation during the dedication of his ultra-modern auditorium in Dome, Accra, over the weekend, Dr. Nyamekye extolled the virtues of the Vice President and commended him for his sacrifice, humility, and commitment to duty.

“If you are talking about His Excellency the Vice President that I have come to know over the past couple of years, you’re talking about a man that is humble, a man that is courageous, a man that is visionary,” Prophet Nyamekye said.

Prophet Nyamekye preached that in every society, there are different categories of people, adding that Dr. Bawumia is with the category of people blessed with brains.

“There are men that have brains, others have brawn and others have straw. And in every society, you will have men with straw, men with brawn and men with brains. And fortunately, men with brains will always lead the men with brawn,” said the Pastor.

He continued: “are we not privileged and are we not blessed as a nation to have a man that is blessed with brains to help this nation and serve his nation well? A man that I strongly believe knows what he is doing.”

“If you listen to his argument, his line of thought and his chain of thoughts and who he is; his commitment to duty, his consistency and what he does, we as a nation are blessed to have His Excellency the Vice President serving in this our time where Ghana needs men who are sacrificial in their hearts and who are committed to the cause of this nation.”

Prophet Nyamekye also commended Dr. Bawumia for his remarkable transition from a political neophyte to a consummate politician.

The Pastor said the Vice President, whom many people doubted his political astuteness when he emerged on the political landscape from a non-political background, has proved such people wrong that one doesn’t have to be a cut out politician to be successful in politics.

“When he was coming into politics, I quiet remember people were saying “he’s not a politician,” recalled Prophet Nyamekye.

” Now, people are revising their notes that you don’t need to be a cut out politician.”

Prophet Nyamekye, who is a trained pilot, likened Dr. Bawumia’s successful evolution into an astute politician to an aero situation, analysing that the transition process should have normally been a difficult one, but the vice president has made it look so simple.

“If you have done anything on aero dynamics, you will understand and appreciate that things like planes, space crafts and all of that; they get crashed in between dimensions. It is when you are switching from one place to the other or one plane to the other, that you get into crisis.”

Prophet Nyamekye opined that it is a great feat “If he (Dr. Bawumia) has been able to switch from being an academic, being a Deputy Governor (of Bank of Ghana) and being in the field of the corporate world into politics.”

The Vice President, who was the special guest at the dedication of the auditorium, expressed gratitude to the church for inviting him to join them “to praise the Lord Almighty.”

The Vice President used the occasion to commend the Christian Community in Ghana for the “many significant roles they have played over the years towards the development of this country.”

He reiterated Government’s commitment to collaborate with the church and all faith-based organisations towards the development of the country.

Dr. Bawumia also praised Ghana’s enviable reputation as a religious tolerant country, and urged the nation’s two leading religions, Islam and Christianity to continue to peacefully co-exist.

“In Ghana we have a beautiful democracy devoid of extreme religious polarizations. The two main religions, Christianity and Islam co-exist with such desirable, harmonious traits. We must protect such inter religious heritage and make Ghana the reference point for good religious acceptance and pluralism,” Vice President Bawumia urged.

He also advised followers of the two major religions to always look at what is common between them, and brings them together, rather than that which divides.

“When you actually read what is in the Bible and the Quran, there is so much similarity. Sometimes we focus on the small differences and forget about the similarities.”

“We all believe in God; the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the God of Noah, the God of David. We all believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. That miracle of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ performed so many miracles; he raised people from the dead, he restored sight to the blind, he cured lepers. We all believe that. But most important is that we all believe that before the end of the world, Jesus will come back and save the world from the anti-Christ. We all believe that and so if you are a Muslim and you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, you cannot be a true Muslim.”

Vice President Bawumia has often received commendations for his promotion of inter-faith dialogue, as well as his openness to accepting invitations to programs organised by the Christian community.

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