By the providence of God Almighty, the season of Easter is here again. The joyous season comes with an opportunity to reflect on our lives as individuals, Churches, communities, institutions and indeed as a nation. This celebration is better understood within the context of what the Risen Lord has done for humanity.

In the message of the Passion of Christ we were reminded of the sacrificial suffering and death of Christ. Some of the disciples and many of his followers, including family and friends, thought it would all end up in gloom – with a dead Christ in the grave. When the women went to the garden on that resurrection morning that`s precisely what they were expecting. They forgot about the promise of Jesus that, on the third day, he will rise again. Going into the tomb, Christ was risen and had conquered death and Satan. When the disciples later encountered the risen Lord, their gloomy situation changed to joy. Easter is about Jesus standing among us in our dire situations in every place.

As we look around the world today, we see more gloom: hatred, pain, suffering, and death. We seem to be surrounded by death as we think about the thousands of people dying in the wars, millions dying of starvation and hunger, hundreds of migrants drowning in seas, and many more dying daily in the conflicts of ethnic, racial, and gender-based violence. Unfortunately, we are becoming accustomed to violence and death as if these are normal experiences in life. The risen Christ enters our situation and brings healing, life, renewal and peace.

The empty tomb is a sign of LIFE.

The message is clear that with the resurrection of Jesus, death and all that threaten us is conquered. While we face the anguish of senseless and unnecessary deaths in our world today, we are reminded that Jesus who died on our behalf not only suffers with us but also brings life to all who believe in Him. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die” (John 11:25). At Easter we can see Jesus as the Lord of life and the door to eternal life – life in all its fullness when we experience His resurrection power in our lives and in the nation.

As our dear nation Ghana joins the world in this joyful celebration of life, let us reflect on our attitudes and activities that militate against our growth and development. These include bribery and corruption which is dissipating the meagre resources of the nation. We need to reflect on the monetization on our political landscape which is “like an axe at the foot of our hard gained democracy”. We need to reflect on the moral decadence leading to issues such as LGBTQI, an abomination as far as our religious, cultural, and traditional values are concerned; moral issues of greed, selfishness, disrespect in society, where there is no fellow-feeling, issues of character assassination, black mailing, extortions and hypocrisy.

Easter is a time of renewal.
The Easter season grants an opportunity for renewal of mindsets and attitudes for change. It is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. Christ demonstrated through His resurrection that just as a seed necessarily will have to die before it germinates, so is there an opportunity for new beginnings. Easter at its core is a celebration of this very promise. It is a time when we remember that after every ending, there’s a new beginning. Just as Christ rose from the dead, we too as individuals, communities, Churches and indeed as a nation, Ghana, can rise above our challenges, our doubts, and our fears. The empty tomb is not just a symbol of Christ’s resurrection but a reminder that every moment holds the potential for rebirth, renewal and revival and transformation. Easter is a journey of transformation. From the crucifixion to the resurrection, Jesus’s journey is a testament to the fact that renewal for growth and development is possible. Let us as a nation, embrace this gift of renewal in the Easter story and embark on our own journeys of transformation.

Easter is a call for peace.
Easter is an affirmation of God’s peace to humanity. It is Jesus reaching out to us across the vast abyss of despair, doubt, hatred and death and saying “Peace be with you”. We need to reflect on the extreme partisanship that has resulted in the polarization of the country. As we approach the general elections in December 2024, let us all resolve to eschew tendencies that will tend to compromise the peace of the country before, during and after the elections. In that regard it is incumbent upon all the stakeholders in the process to be minded in their duty to the state.

The Electoral Commission must be manifestly seen to be a fair and neutral umpire in all the processes leading to, during and importantly after the elections. The Security personnel should be professional and impartial judges to engender trust before, during and after the elections. Political Parties and independent candidates should be measured in their communication and engagements, embracing inclusive language, and avoiding intemperate, abusive, and offensive language in their campaigns. The Media as always have a significant role to play by avoiding sensational reportage, providing, and using the various platforms to cause disaffection for character assassination, running down perceived political opponents, and all that do not inure to peace.

In the spirit of peace, the Electorates should understand that there is only one Ghana and that elections are meant to choose leaders. It must not become avenues for conflict and bloodshed; rather, comportment and civility must be the guiding principles in our support and campaign. When all is done, we should all be proud that we are consolidating the democratic process and the peace of the country as the country becomes the ultimate winner.

From the Wesley Towers we wish all Ghanaians a joyful Easter celebration. Christ is Risen – He is Risen indeed, Alleluia.

Most Rev Dr Paul Kwabena Boafo
Presiding Bishop –
Methodist Church Ghana

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