The largest teacher union in Ghana, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has outlined some Key guidelines and recommendations that need to be adopted in the educational sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a pamphlet titled ‘Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on the education sector in Ghana: The perspective of GNAT, 5 recommendations and guidelines have been listed as measures the country can adopt to combat the Coronavirus.

Speaking at the launch of the “Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on the education sector in Ghana: The perspective of GNAT,” National president for GNAT, Philippa Larsen said this is the time the educational system must be reshaped.

“COVID -19 is not only a threat but also a major opportunity to reshape the teaching and learning in Ghana through the integration of pedagogies which incorporate digital learning and the prioritization of Education in Emergencies in Education budget planning,” he noted.

Some of the recommendations, included collaboration between Ministry of Education and MMDAs to institute means to ensure that pupils/students use their time meaningfully and not engage in trading fishing, to the detriment of studying while home.

Partnerships and collaboration with unions, student learning, support to valuable students especially in the rural areas, and Psycho-social support were suggested to aid during the pandemic.

Guidelines on reopening of the schools by the GNAT include the following;

*Schools should be opened in phases

* Fumigation of all schools and education, offices

*Class size should be reduced

*All teachers, learners and supporting staff must be tested across the country

*provision of necessary preventive health materials (handwashing buckets, hand sanitizers, tissues, nose masks and reliable water supply.)

GNAT emphasized on the need to include students, especially those living with disabilities, as the impact of COVID-19 is worse for the lower socio-economic group with children with disabilities facing an even greater risk of being left behind in the scheme of things.

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