Reports reaching Oman Fm from the Savannah News Desk, your authentic and authoritative news source can confirm that the King and overlord of Gonja, Yagbonwura Biikunuto has not requested a tractor from the NPP and the NPP has not procured a tractor to be donated to the king.

It is obvious the Bole MP who boastfully stated in an audio recording that he is the only one designated by Former President Mahama to represent him in the Savannah Region wants to gain unnecessary political attention by trumpeting a decision by Former President Mahama to gift a tractor to the Yagbonwura contrary to Gonja custom and tradition.

His claim that Dr. Bawumia is planning to donate a tractor to the Yagbonwura to outwit President Mahama can best be described as a figment of his own imagination.

Information available to our news desk confirms there have been no such discussions, and no such plans exist. The claim is totally not false, but a frivolous ploy couched by a self-seeking MP who wants to gain attention a source from the Savanah regional NPP said.

Also, our unimpeachable sources say that there is strong disquiet within the NDC in the Savannah region over attempts by the Bole MP to hijack the Party’s Candidate, John Mahama.

The question that many within the Party are asking is why would the Bole MP choose to go public on an intended gift to the Yagbonwura.

Is this not a deliberate attempt to denigrate the King and portray him as a beggar. One senior member of the Party retorted to our reporter in a confidential encounter that “ the Bole MP must know that such parochial and infantile politics does not win elections any day”, he fumed.
Also, there is great anger amongst the upper echelons of the Savannah NDC Party over what many claim to be a desperate attempt by the Bole MP to promote himself to President Mahama over and above anyone in the Party.

Our news desk is following up on sources within the Japka Palace as our preliminary checks indicated that the Palace feels embarrassed and denigrated over this needless and childish audio by the Bole MP.

Stay tune for more soon. News Desk Report

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