Footballer Marcus Rashford has urged children to “find their voices” after he “jumped at the chance” to guest edit the Beano.

The Manchester United striker has teamed up with the children’s comic following the release of his new book.

The campaigner also makes appearances throughout the special edition alongside characters including the Bash Street Kids, Billy Whizz and Bananaman.

In his editor’s letter, Rashford said we should embrace our differences.

“My favourite thing about Beano is how the comic brings together all sorts of different children,” he said.

“Instead of our differences dividing us, we embrace them here, and we find strength in them.

“We should be celebrating all things that make each of us unique.”

Marcus RashfordImage source, EPA
Image caption,Marcus Rashford says “finding your voice doesn’t have to be difficult”

The special edition comic is in partnership with NatWest’s Thrive programme, set up with Rashford to help six to 16-year-olds become more financially confident and realise their full potential.

The Beano features a strip where the England striker teaches the Beanotown kids about failure, persistence, role-models and patience.

For every copy of the special Beano sold, 20p will be donated to the Marcus Rashford Book Club to help children access books.

It comes following the publication of his book You Can Do It: How To Find Your Team And Make A Difference, written with Carl Anka.

Marcus Rashford and the Bash Street KidsImage source, Beano
Image caption,Rashford appears several times throughout the comic, including with the Bash Street Kids

Writing in the Beano, he added: “When we fight for things that are important together, we can make progress a lot quicker than by ourselves.

“Asking for help is no weakness. Asking for help to achieve things quicker is a superpower.

“Finding your voice doesn’t have to be difficult.

“It can be as simple as having the confidence to stand up for something you believe in, or to champion someone else and their difference.”

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