The  President of the United States of America, President Joe Biden, has reiterated the call by H. E. Amb. Prof Dean Robers Jr; the incoming High Commissioner and Continental Vice President to the United States of America by the  United Nations International Peace and Governance Council (UNIPGC TEXAS) for world leaders to discourage wars, discuss immediate disarmament, end the manufacturing and stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction, eradicate terrorism and promote peace and economic sustainability for the benefit of the next generations.

President Joe Biden made the announcement,  barely twenty-four hours after H. E. Amb. Prof. Dean Roberts Jr’s lamentation,  that his country is ready and committed to eliminating stockpiles of chemical weapons by fall 2023.

The President said this was an important disarmament step that needs the highest standards of transparency and public safety.

President Biden assured that his country will support all efforts to prevent the accumulation, production and use of chemical weapons in the world.

He reinstated and said the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable and America will lead by example by continuing to fight that impunity.

The announcement by President Biden is in line with strong signals that H. E. Amb. Prof. Dean Roberts Jr., who is also the newly appointed Professor of Criminology at the American University of Peace and Governance, sent to the world Leaders in his recent call for Total Peace on Earth.

H. E. Amb Prof Dean Roberts Jr. American and Criminologist, Engineering Scientist, Renowned Internationally Recognized Security Expert, Philanthropist, Investor in the oil and gas industry, International Missionary, and Ordained Minister of the Gospel said his objective can only be achieved by unconditional eradication of wars and disarmament among other deadly acts.

The US President’s call came as a  response to H. E. Amb Prof. Roberts Jr’s call earlier in the week for an immediate cessation of violence, disarmament and an end to the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction and to use the abundant resources in the Continent and the world at large to promote youth education, employment, and youth equality in governance.

As a Minister of the gospel and also an International Missionary with The Missionary Church International (TMCI), North Carolina, USA as well as a renowned and globally respected Peace and Conflict Mediator, the high profile Diplomat, H. E. Amb. Prof Roberts Jr. implored religious organizations all over the world to unite and preach Peace, stability, and political and religious tolerance among all the Nations of the World.

He called on the Teachers of the Word of God from the various religious entities around the World, to use their God-given wisdom and divine blessings from  God, to transmit and promote peace in the world.

He said he is happy the American President is setting the example, and that this is the right time to prevail on the other superpowers and organizations in all the Nations around the world to encourage the youth globally, to practicalize peace-building efforts and mediation processes in all sincerity for a peaceful world.

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