In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, most of the institutions and public places have made provision for veronica buckets to encourage their customers to wash their hands under running water to curtail the spread of the corona virus.

Net2 news visited some of the places where these veronica buckets have been provided and we noticed that some of the waste water are not being disposed thereby defeating its intended purpose.

Some of the areas we visited had water overflowing while patrons looked unconcerned. The veronica bucket was invented as an alternative to provide proper hand washing under running water to prevent infections with contaminated water.

Net2 TV would like to make this passionate appeal to the citizenry to do well to dispose off the waste to avoid over flowing which poses a threat to use of the veronica bucket.

In our quest to prevent the spread of the corona virus, it is important to do away such insanitary practices in our public space to ensure our surroundings are hygienically up to standard.

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