The Paramount Chief of Saboba, Bowan John Mateer Sakojim IV, has joined calls for peaceful coexistence between Konkombas and Anafos, widely known as Chekosis, in Saboba and Chereponi, in the Northern and North East Regions respectively.

Making the call at his palace on Monday, 3rd June, 2019, Bowan Sakojim IV appealed to all parties in the latest flare up of violence to give peace a chance and continue to live peaceably with the Anafos, with whom they have been living together for centuries.

The Saboba Paramount chief made the call when the Vice President of the Republic, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, called on the chiefs and people of Saboba to join efforts to restore absolute peace and security in the area following the outbreak of violence a few weeks ago, which led to the death of one man and injury to several others.

The Vice President was in the North East Region as part of this year’s nationwide Ramadan tour, which has already taken him to 15 regions, during which he joins fellow Muslims to pray and make the case for continued peaceful coexistence between persons of different faiths in Ghana.

Addressing the gathering, Saboba Paramount Chief Bowan Mateer Sakojim stated that the time for fighting was over, and it is now time to secure the peace.

“Mr Vice President, Konkombas are peace-loving people. We cherish peace more than any other person. It is interesting to know that Konkombas and Chekosis have lived for several years in harmony so what has come upon us today is something that is uncalled for.

“… I want to use this opportunity to appeal strongly to the youth and the people of Saboba and Chekosis that we should give peace a chance. Peace is the prerequisite for everything. We need a stable environment for our children to go to school. We need a stable environment for our farming activities. We need a stable environment for businesses to thrive. And we need a stable environment so that we can embrace all the policies that the government of the day has.

“So for that matter, whatever it is that is militating against the achievement of peace in these two areas should be critically looked upon.”

To lend further credence to his call for peace, Bowan Mateer Sakojim IV disclosed that plans were underfoot for a meeting between the chiefs of Saboba and their counterparts in Chereponi.

“I also want to use this opportunity to tell the Vice President that we have done a lot and we shall never relent in our efforts to achieve peace. As we speak today plans were underway for me to lead a delegation of chiefs to meet the Regent of Chereponi to talk on issues bothering the peace. I don’t think that trip has been abandoned. We are still working out things and I’m collaborating with the District Chief Executives and then the MP whether they can facilitate that trip for us to meet the Regent of Chereponi so that we talk on matters affecting peace.

“I want to say that Konkombas and Chekosis are the same people. We have intermarried, a lot of common things have existed between us and I don’t think we have to bypass all those things just because we are killing one another.”

While expressing Government’s appreciation for the Saboba Chief’s peace-making efforts, Vice President Bawumia called for sincere collaboration between all parties in the conflict to ensure long lasting peace.

“If there’s going to be peace which is so necessary for the development of this country, it is going to be peace amongst the Konkombas and the Chekosis. And I know that when the Paramount Chief of Saboba speaks, the Konkombas listen.

“What we need to focus on, is not to take the peace for granted. We are working on the peace. I really appreciate the effort by the Paramount chief here to also meet with the Regent in Chereponi for them to work out this peace together. That is what really makes it lasting; that the two people should sit down together.”

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