“4More for Nana” is now Universal said the Chief of Dwafoakwa, Barimah Agyakwa Kwakye who stood in for the chief of Asamankese, Osabarimah Adu Darko III, to receive the 2nd Lady, Her Excellency Samira Baumia and the Eastern regional minister backed by the Eastern regional executive of NPP who called at the palace of the chief on a courtesy call and for blessings before meeting with the Zongo community.

Flanked by other chiefs and queen mothers, Barimah Agyarkwa Kwakye said Prez Akufo-Addo has really proved himself a prefect leader who has his country men at heart.

Barimah Agyarkwa Kwakye said the good works of the Prez need no mention before its endorsement.

He said Chiefs, Rev ministers, school children, parents and even nursery children sing “4More for Nana”.

He said it is undeniable fact that Nana has to be given 4more years to do more for Ghana and so if even children have seen that and so singing 4more years for Nana, he sees better and endorses the slogan by adding his voice.

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